[Album] {Mastered for iTunes} Joanna Wang - House of Bullies (iTunes Plus AAC M4A)

Released Date: Nov 11, 2016

01. The Tale Begins  
02. Isn't It Exciting?   
03. My Belly Really Aches   
04. Scary Cousins   
05. The Rightful Heir   
06. when you dream in technicolor   
07. Inside the Mind of a Chicken  
08. The Greatest Stink   
09. The Art of Bullying   
10. Intermission (Looney Galop)  
11. When You Dream in Technicolor  
12. Meanest Kids in Town  
13. Run Away From Home!  
14. The Cult Leader  
15. Liar 
16. Senile Rock  
17. Mom and Dad Don’t Understand   
18. Pick of the Litter  

Special thanks to those who purchased & shared it!


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