How to download ??

- We use a lot of file hosts with great downloading & uploading speed as well as easier for downloaders such as Mega ,  Zippyshare, Baidu, Mediafire , Dropbox ..... These are common hosts (probably u guys get used to downloading from these, right?).... so we guess we will skip this instruction for these sites :)..
-[NEW] We start using as a trial hosting, the process of downloading is still the same as (or maybe easier :)) All you have to do is follow the step like the kingfiles tutorial and grab the files.....* A small suggest that you can enter the code which we gave in (it has been changed to recently) page and you can download some protected files at, yunpan , (will be no longer used from Mar 03, 2014) and for some chinese hostings , if you can't download the files, it may be because of some ad or virus blocking programs from your PC... Try disable it and download them later... For links, it can be out of bandwith actually quite often (that's why we rarely use it from now on) so if you can access the link but can't download it, please come back later and grab it.....

- Secondly we also reupload & refresh the dead links too (of course if we still keep these files in computers so feel free to request about the re-uploading issue but please refresh the link up to at least 2 times before reporting the dead links to us)

Recently so many people response us about the problems with Kingfiles and also the reason why to use it
We will make it clearly why now and also the way to download from this host

Here we go

1) Why we use Kingfiles ???
Firstly, its not a new host but its clearly not an unusual sites that people choose to upload so often
But here are some reasons why we use it

- Allow uploading large files even very large files with approriated time
- Time for downloading is kinda fast
- Time for expiration files is long too

2) How to download from Kingfiles

Step 1: Click Link download (please disable adblock as well as bypass tools to support us, we will really appreciate this) then u guy will access the Kingfiles download page

Step 2
: Then after this you will see this page, enter the code and click "Create Download Link" as the following pic

Step 3: Lastly uncheck the box & click the very big download button, the files will be downloaded right after

*Updating on Dec 23, 2016 on how to download from (our main hosting files). It means from now on, any regarding questions on how to download our files from this hosting or any other hostings will be neglected or considering as spam and being deleted automatically from the comment box (It's kinda unfair to the newbies to our blog, but still, we hope you check this page first if you encounter any problems...)

1. Firstly, view our post and access our the links normally, you will see something like this 

2. Secondly, to open this protected link, enter the code we gave you from our "download page" then click the blue button

3. Finally, you will see something like this appeared. Click the download button and then the downloading programs such as Internet Download Manager or even the your browsers itself will do the rest for you.

*That's all. That's how to download our files from the baidu hosting

*Note: We still recommend you have Internet Download Manager ready in your computer disk for get file link faster

Thanks you!
P/S: Please read these instruction carefully before asking anything....


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