[Album] Claire Kuo - Loved (iTunes Plus AAC M4A)

Released Date: Dec 22, 2016

01. 我們曾相愛 Loved 
02. 別惹哭我 Don't Make Me Cry 
03. 傻傻愛著你 No Matter What 
04. 該忘的日子 I Am Moving On 
05. 深呼吸 Take A Breath 
06. 分手看看 Breaking up for now 
07. 消耗寂寞 Leave Me Hanging 
08. 分開不是誰不好 After the Love Has Gone 
09. 拍檔 Partners 
10. 最美的等候 You were meant for me 
11. 忘了如何遺忘 How to forget 
12. 遇見新的我 I Love Me 

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