{UPDATED Track 13} [Album] TAEYEON - My Voice - The 1st Album (iTunes Plus AAC M4A + Digital Booklet)

Released Date: Feb 28, 2017

01. Fine  
02. Cover Up
03. 날개 (Feel So Fine)
04. I Got Love
05. I’m OK
06. Time Lapse
07. Sweet Love
08. When I Was Young
09. Lonely Night
10. 수채화 (Love In Color)
11. Fire
12. Eraser
+ Digital Booklet - My Voice - The 1st Album

+ Bonus
13. 기억을 걷는 시간 (CD Only) 

[Ripped from CD/thanks to a284913 ]

Special thanks to those who purchased & shared it!


  1. When i try to download the 13th track it says: "This link was "generated for another IP address. Try previous step again." :( thank you! ^^

    1. We still can download it normally... On both phones & PC... And this is not even an ad link. So the problem might come from your internet connection or PC/phone alone